Fox News Host Claims Conservative Media Is Inciting Riots In Heated Exchange

( Token Fox News left-winger Geraldo Rivera, who regularly uses his platform on the conservative-leaning network to push far-left conspiracy theories and talking points, was the only person on The Five last week condemning peaceful anti-vaccine-mandate protesters in Canada.

Rivera presented polling data that suggested the peaceful protesters in Ottawa and other regions of Canada are not so popular.

It started with co-host Jeanine Pirro noting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t so popular in Canada, prompting Rivera to go on a tirade about the protesters.

“You know what is not that popular Canada, judge? This freedom convoy. What about the freedom of the homeowners to live in peace? The freedom of the shopkeepers to do business? What about the freedom of the autoworkers to get parts?”

Isn’t it curious that, all of a sudden, Rivera is a supporter of the rights of businesses and individuals to live and work in peace during protests…now that the protests are not far-left extremists?

He wasn’t talking like this when Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were burning down buildings across hundreds of American and Canadian citizens in 2020, was he?

He also didn’t note that the Freedom Convoy truckers aren’t engaging in violence, arson, or destruction. They are, however, standing up for their own rights as the Canadian government tries to strip them of their jobs and their liberty.

Pirro noted Rivera’s obvious controversy, too, asking him what he said when Antifa was “burning down the federal courthouse in Seattle for two months.”

Rivera insisted that he “condemned it” but we don’t remember that. Do you?

Watch the debate here.