Fox News Host Apologizes For Heated Argument On Air

( Last week, Fox News host Neil Cavuto and White House economic advisor Jared Bernstein got into a heated exchange about President Biden’s attempts to blame everyone but himself for the skyrocketing price of gas.

Cavuto began the interview by asking why Biden waited so long to propose a gas tax holiday. Bernstein explained that it was Putin’s fault because of his “completely unjustified attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine.”

But Cavuto wouldn’t let him get away with the lie, pointing out that gas prices were rising long before Russia even began building up its troop presence on the border with Ukraine. He noted that when Biden took office, gas was about $2.30 a gallon. Before Putin began amassing troops on the border of Ukraine in November 2021, gas had already gone up by 50 percent. Cavuto asked if the White House was forgetting about the price increases that happened “pre-Putin.”

Bernstein avoided the question, explaining that the White House has “stressed continuously” when talking about “this and other measures” that there isn’t a “single effort that’s going to provide all the relief folks need.”

Cavuto broke in to call Bernstein out for avoiding his question and reiterated that the White House keeps going back to calling this a Putin price hike, asking if that is “a bit disingenuous.”

Bernstein said it wasn’t disingenuous because calling it Putin’s price hike isn’t the only thing they’re doing.

Cavuto then addressed Biden’s recent attacks on oil companies, asking Bernstein if it was fair to attack the industry for making record profits. Bernstein claimed that nobody was blaming the oil industry, prompting Cavuto to point out what a lie that is.

Bernstein snapped that the two of them can’t have a conversation “unless we both get to talk.”

Nobody in this administration is used to having the media push back on their lies.

After about another ten minutes, the interview wrapped up and Cavuto apologized to viewers if the exchange got a “little heated.”

Watch the full interview HERE.