Fox News Blacklisted “2000 Mules” Story

( Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has accused the Fox News Channel and its lawyers of blocking any mention of his latest documentary “2000 Mules.”

D’Souza’s documentary delves into the results of a multi-year investigation conducted by the election integrity group, True The Vote.

Using 4 million minutes of ballot drop-box surveillance footage as well as cell phone GPS geo-tracking data, True The Vote was able to identify and track hundreds of “mules” who made multiple trips to drop boxes around their states to dump in stacks of mail-in ballots.

On Thursday, D’Souza tweeted that the highly-rated news network was banning any mention of the film. He blasted Fox for its hypocrisy, noting that on-air hosts and pundits regularly denounced the corporate news media for their blackout of the New York Post’s report on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, but now Fox is doing the same to “2000 Mules.”

In another tweet, D’Souza blamed Fox’s lawyers for the network’s barring any mention of the film. He accused the lawyers of dragging Fox into “ruinous litigation over what they did allow” and now are shutting down a “legitimate news story” as a way to “cover their butts.”

In a tweet earlier this week, D’Souza claimed that producers from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” prohibited True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht from mentioning the film by name during a recent interview.

Earlier in the week, D’Souza also accused Newsmax of “blocking coverage” of the documentary when his scheduled appearance on one of its shows was canceled.

Newsmax denied the allegation, noting that it was running paid advertising for “2000 Mules.”

But given the multi-billion-dollar lawsuits that Dominion Voting Systems has brought against Fox News, Newsmax, and One American News over their coverage of voter fraud in the 2020 election, it isn’t entirely surprising if Fox’s lawyers want the network to tread with caution.

But even without Fox News promoting the film, D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” has gained a great deal of attention.

According to the video service Rumble, the streaming premiere of D’Souza’s documentary grossed over $1 million on Locals and Rumble in less than twelve hours.

The film launched Saturday via streaming on Rumble and its subscription-based platform Locals. Sales for the launch began at noon on Saturday and raked in enough money to place “2000 Mules” on par with the top ten box office releases for last weekend.