Four Girls Stabbed in Movie Theater by Man in Massachusetts

Last month, an individual was apprehended on suspicion of stabbing a guy through a McDonald’s drive-through window and then stabbing a lady inside the business. 

Also, four girls, ranging in age from nine to seventeen, were attacked in a Braintree movie theater around one hour before the incident at the McDonald’s in Plymouth. The perpetrator is thought to be the same man.

The motive for the stabbings is still a mystery. Multiple South Shore stabbing incidents have led the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office to name 26-year-old Jared Ravizza as a suspect. The Braintree police have said that it appears as though the movies and McDonald’s assaults are connected.

Following the incident at McDonald’s, Ravizza was taken into custody and is now facing accusations of two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and one count of assault with intent to kill. 

On Monday, it was unclear whether Ravizza had legal representation; on Tuesday, the suspect is scheduled to appear in court. 

The man has “priors.” According to documents at Edgartown District Court, Ravizza was arrested on Martha’s Vineyard last month on charges of assault on a relative and vandalism. The matter has not been decided, according to the records.

At around 6 p.m. on Saturday, a shooting occurred at an AMC cinema in Braintree. The theater was placed on lockdown not long after the incident, and the girls were transported to hospitals in Boston with injuries that were not considered life-threatening. The culprit got out of the cinema in a black SUV, and the investigators were able to get the license plate from the camera. Authorities added that a car that matched the description was reportedly involved in a similar assault in Plymouth, which is around 25 miles southeast of Braintree.

According to authorities, both victims of the McDonald’s assault were sent to hospitals with injuries that were not considered life-threatening. State troopers attempted to pull over the suspect’s vehicle minutes after the stabbings at McDonald’s, but the driver eluded them, leading to a pursuit. 

Sandwich, located around 25 minutes south of Plymouth, was where the suspect was apprehended after wrecking his car during a police pursuit.