Former Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Kandiss Taylor Was “Swatted” After Malicious Call To Police

( Kandiss Taylor, a Republican who ran as a candidate for governor of Georgia, was “swatted” at her home last Tuesday.

Swatting is the practice of criminally dialing 911 in an effort to elicit a response from the police, often a SWAT unit. Thanks to technology, the victim’s phone appears to be making an emergency call. Swatting can be dangerous and is frequently used as a form of retaliation and can be deadly.

According to reports, around 2:30 in the morning on Tuesday, Kandiss Taylor uploaded a video explaining the event. She explained that she wanted to let everyone know that she got swatted in her hometown, where she was born and spent all her formative years. Her kids were roused from their beds. She stated that trauma is an inadequate description of what just occurred in her house. Taylor added that she captured the incident on video.

Taylor claimed that a female text-to-voice program called her local sheriff’s office and claimed that she had shot her spouse numerous times and was about to kill herself. The America First candidate, her husband, and their two teenagers, ages 14 and 17, reside in Baxley, Georgia.

Taylor added in the video that police arrived with all their guns and rifles pointing at her house, ready to shoot if they wanted to kill her if she answered her door.

One of Taylor’s sons was the one who initially informed his mother about the heavy police presence.

Kandiss Taylor stated in her early morning video that this is awful regardless of your political affiliation. Swatting should not happen to anyone. She swore she would track down the person who swatted her home, using all legal means at her disposal to have them punished.
Taylor thinks her family was the target of the TextNow app. She said her family would not back down or be intimidated. Instead, she is urging a probe into TextNow, which Taylor claimed is helping demonically motivated left-wing extremists carry out terrorist attacks on Christian Americans.