Former Bush Official Rails Against ‘Out of Touch’ Democrats

In a Fox News interview, Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary, said that Trump’s success in Iowa proves that he understands rural people and criticized out-of-touch Democrats for failing to do so.

After former president Trump won the Republican nomination in the Iowa caucus, Fleischer went on Hannity to talk about it. The ex-press secretary for President George W. Bush highlighted how college-educated Democrats fail to comprehend the needs of rural Iowa voters while criticizing the disconnect of mainstream media when it deals with the rural public.

Fleischer said a divide exists in our nation.  Our most significant difference is between mainstream media and the people.  The TV networks, the New York Times, and the Washington Post fail to grasp the nation beyond its elite bubbles and college campuses.

Even though rural Iowans make up a distinct demographic, Fleischer went on to say that they make up the state’s majority and that Trump has an innate understanding of them.  The former press secretary said that Trump’s crushing win in Iowa disproves the claims of Democrats who are still hoping for his demise.

They will fly in for an interview, discuss the people’s beliefs, and then fly home without comprehending their culture or way of life. While a wide range of backgrounds and experiences are represented, most Americans do not fall into the category of liberal arts college graduates.

According to Fleischer, they failed to notice the 2016 election and are still rooting for Donald Trump’s downfall.

Fleischman said that Donald Trump seems to have an innate understanding of their needs.   Donald Trump is destroying records this year with his crushing win margin. His lead over second place is enormous, even if he doesn’t reach 50.

On caucus night in Iowa, the former president easily won with a margin of over 50%, over 29 points surpassing his nearest competitor, Republican Ron DeSantis of Florida.