Florida Curriculum To Teach Controversial Angle On Slavery

According to a cherry-picked report, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that black people benefited from the skills they gained through slavery, and this “personal benefit” will soon be taught to kids in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Department of Education authorized new lessons for Florida’s African-American Studies program, which will be taught in public schools throughout the state. The lessons will show pupils how slavery sometimes benefited black individuals with a skill.

During a news conference on Friday, DeSantis stated that the program would likely demonstrate that some of those folks ultimately parlayed being a smith towards doing things with the skill later in life.

According to the state’s requirements, African-American Studies students should get an understanding of the manner in which slaves gained abilities that, in certain cases, might have applied for their own benefit.

While defending the move as an academic one made by the state Department of Education, DeSantis said during the news conference that he had no hand in making the revisions to Florida’s curriculum.

DeSantis told the reporters to ask the Department of Education if they needed clarification.  DeSantis emphasized that the contributors to this work were serious academics and had nothing to do with politics.

The report shows that new requirements are in response to the “Stop WOKE Act,” which DeSantis entered into law in 2022 with the intention of prohibiting the dissemination of information likely to make public school children feel ashamed because of their ethnicity.

According to a media outlet, there have been court battles over the Stop Woke Act.

According to a federal judge’s January ruling, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration did not disobey a court order addressing the state’s “Stop WOKE Act,” which forbids universities to teach critical race theory and other “woke” ideas that have gained traction on college campuses.

In December 2021, DeSantis proposed the measure, and in April of this year, he had it passed into law. Training or teaching that promotes, espouses, advances, or pushes such a person to accept specific beliefs constituting color, race, sex, or national origin discrimination is illegal in schools and the workplace.