Fired CNN Star Says “Don’t Give Platforms To Those Lying To Our Faces”

( When Brian Stelter was dismissed from CNN and declared that “the free world needs a dependable source” and that “we must make sure we don’t give platforms to those who lie to our faces,” he once again demonstrated his lack of self-awareness.

The hunchback apparently cannot perceive his hunch.

Stelter watched a reel of old film of himself next to his suddenly balder, more engorged, and more potato-like head while he lectured everyone else about maintaining “democracy” and “freedom” while fighting back the tears.

Stelter asserts that “the hard part is sifting out the treasure from the trash” in the media and that “we must make sure that we’re representing the whole spectrum of argument and what is going on in the country and the world.”

For years (Russian collusion, Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc.), Stelter has misled viewers and propagated a skewed narrative.

That is precisely why he failed.

This was not the first time the sensitive Potato leaked from his “eyes.”

The leftist network’s in-house media critic Stelter took to Twitter on a Saturday morning in April 2020 to explain why he hadn’t published his evening newsletter.

“Last night, I hit a wall. Gutted by the death toll. Disturbed by the govt’s shortcomings. Dismayed by political rhetoric that bears no resemblance to reality. Worried about friends who are losing jobs; kids who are missing school; and senior citizens who are living in fear,” Stelter wrote.

“I crawled in bed and cried for our pre-pandemic lives. Tears that had been waiting a month to escape,” Stelter wrote in a second tweet. “I wanted to share because it feels freeing to do so. Now is not a time for faux-invincibility. Journos are living this, hating this, like everyone else.”

“Almost everyone is experiencing isolation or stress or anxiety or other emotions, as a result of this crisis. “

Stelter then urged people to use social media, saying that by Saturday morning he felt better. He emphasized that “it’s OK to not be OK right now” and urged viewers to advise others to get the appropriate mental healthcare help.

A big help would have been to turn off CNN, an arm of the DNC that intentionally panicked people into making poor pandemic-related choices, not realizing they weren’t listening to “reliable sources.”