Fiona Hill Says Putin Would Use Nuclear Weapons

( One of Adam Schiff’s star impeachment witnesses last week told Politico that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be willing to use nuclear weapons in his war in Ukraine.

Former National Security Council official Fiona Hill said in an interview with Politico’s Maura Reynolds last Monday that it would be wrong to assume that Putin wouldn’t go so far in his war against Ukraine, adding “yes, he would.” What’s more, Hill claimed, Putin wants the West to know he would.

Hill claimed we are already under the threat of a potential nuclear war, but added that we shouldn’t be “intimidated or scared.” Instead, Hill explained, we have to be prepared “for those contingencies” and know how to head off any threats.

Hill, who recently released an anti-Trump book of her own, told Politico that Putin tried to warn Donald Trump about how far he was willing to go, “but I don’t think Trump figured out what he was saying.”

She said Putin told Trump that Russia had hypersonic missiles and all Trump said was the US will get them too. She claimed Putin told Trump that maybe the US would get them eventually, “but we’ve got them first.”

Hill claimed there was “menace” coming from Putin in this exchange and Putin was “putting us on notice” that if there was a confrontation, the “nuclear option would be on the table.”

She’s doing a great deal of mind-reading here.

Then again, you should always take Fiona Hill’s words with a giant grain of salt.

Fiona Hill is one of the foreign policy bureaucrats who is eager for war with Russia. She wants this situation to escalate.

In his opening monologue Monday evening, Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out the DC establishment thinking like that of Fiona Hill’s that holds to the consensus that the US must ultimately go to war with Russia.

Tucker argued in his monologue that the foreign policy establishment is using Ukraine as the pretext to bring that about.

Watch Tucker’s monologue HERE.