Feds Link Fox News And Prager U To Being A Nazi

According to a report, the Biden administration is using a federal anti-terrorism grant program as a weapon in its war against Christians, conservatives, and the Republican Party, according to a new investigation.

Although the “Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Program” (TVTP) was first established by the Trump administration to fight terrorism, it was reworked and renamed by the Biden administration to give funds for municipalities to battle all forms of terrorism and targeted violence.

As part of a concerted effort to turn America into a one-party system, the program is no longer being used to prevent acts of actual violence and terrorism but rather to go after all corners of the political right and Christians through so-called training seminars. 

Nearly $40 million has been collected from taxpayers, notably many of the program’s intended targets.

The University of Dayton reportedly got $352,109 from DHS and hosted one of the worst training courses. Michael Loadenthal, a University of Cincinnati Research Fellow and self-proclaimed Antifa member, presented at PREVENTS-OH seminars. His Twitter account celebrates left-wing violence, frequently against police officers.

“The Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization” charted his presentation.

At the bottom are organizations like the NRA, the Heritage Foundation, CBN, the Tea Party, Fox News, and the Republican Party that oppose the far-Left’s plan of anti-Americanism, open borders, authoritarianism, and gender-related bodily mutilations.

The second tier has a red MAGA baseball cap,  Breitbart News, Prager University, and InfoWars, all of which seem to be intended to convey the message that backing Trump is the same as moving one step closer to National Socialism. 

The third level has the Daily Stormer and similar sites beside Nazi insignia.

The emblems of several neo-Nazi organizations may be seen on the fourth and final level of the pyramid.

The pyramid would have you believe that once you get hooked on Fox News, you’ll soon be goose-stepping down the avenue in an itchy woolen uniform.