Feds In Big Trouble After Allegedly Politically Targeting Parents

(PresidentialHill.com)- House Republicans have promised constituents that they will investigate Biden’s Department of Justice after labeling parents “domestic terrorists.” Now, a group of parents is reportedly suing the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

After one father was arrested for rightfully calling out a Loudon County school board in Virginia for covering up the rape of his 15-year-old daughter when a boy who was “genderfluid” raped her in the girls’ restroom, Garland issued a memo condemning violence coming from parents. The National School Board Association had then issued a letter calling parents “domestic terrorists.”

Elicia Brand, the co-founder of Army of Parents, headquartered in Loudon County, said that the lawsuit is about parents’ First Amendment rights to speak out against school board policies that are not in “line with our parental values.”

“And then to learn that Merrick Garland is weaponizing the DOJ and law enforcement against parents and investigating us is just too much,” Brand told OANN’s Stella Escobedo. She added that Loudon County is the epicenter of what is occurring in schools across the country, so the lawsuit is intended to represent parents everywhere.

Brand said that parents are stepping away from the keyboard and getting involved in making sure that their kids are not being indoctrinated.

“I was really afraid in the beginning, I didn’t want to use my real name, I didn’t want to be on camera, I didn’t want to be mentioned, I was scared,” Brand told OANN, adding that then she started to attend school board meetings and started speaking out. She suggested that parents should begin there because they will be amazed at how brave they can become if they believe in their children.

“We need this entire country motivated because we will never allow people like Merrick Garland to stop us from saving our children and saving our country, she concluded.