FBI Claims Words “Chad” And “Based” Represent Extremism

In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, the FBI issued a letter in which it said certain words and phrases might be signs of extremism, such as “red pill,” “normie,” and “based.”

“Red Pill,” a term borrowed from the film “The Matrix” (1999) and used as a metaphor for learning unpopular facts about contemporary life, especially in the contexts of politics and romantic relationships.

The list goes in-depth, covering jargon frequently used by adolescents to describe their romantic interactions. Many of the items in the FBI’s list of incel language are commonplace or otherwise harmless expressions. Yet, these phrases raise red flags for FBI agents who have likely used similar language. 

In the letter, “chad” is “a race-specific term used to represent an idealized form of a male, who is particularly effective at garnering the sexual and romantic interest of women.” According to DOJ members, this is something to monitor closely.

Incels is another common term. It is defined as people who “lose to Chads in the competition for women’s attention.”

Attempting to provide definitions of slang terminology popular with the online right, the documents uploaded on April 9 have generated considerable interest on social media and raised eyebrows at their audacity and absurdity.

The term “looksmaxxing” is defined in the letter as “self-improvement to become more attractive.” How this word can be linked to violent extremism is anyone’s guess.

A Stacy is a “feminine ideal” which is highly desirable to males in terms of sexual and romantic pursuits, and she picks Chad above the incels,” the note reads.

According to the letter, those who use these and similar terms are more likely to be violent extremists because they feel victimized by society’s failure to provide them with the “sexual or romantic attention to which they believe they are entitled.”

One can only hope that Antifa and BLM use these terms on social media so they could, perhaps, be noticed by the FBI as extreme and violent.