Father Who Lost Son to Cancer Makes Shocking Discovery Online

After learning that con artists were attempting to profit off his son’s death, the distraught father feels as if salt has been rubbed in his wounds.

Mark Tracy, a parent from Perth, lost his son Levi, who was 19 years old. He passed away on Tuesday, the same day that his father passed away.

Just days after Levi succumbed to his longtime illness, his family learned that con artists had set up Facebook accounts to solicit money from unsuspecting victims. They were in the process of making funeral arrangements when they were alerted about the page.

The post mimicked a different Facebook page the family had set up, named Lifeline for Levi, to inform friends and family about Levi’s situation.

The page served as a means of communication for the family to share details of Levi’s journey with their loved ones and connect with almost 4,000 members.

People were more likely to donate plasma, blood, and kidneys after seeing it.

Mr. Tracy said the scammers were personally reaching out and messaging people directly to solicit funds. The victims of the scam were directed to a PayPal account to “donate.”

When Levi was seven years old, he received the news that he had non-Hodgkin’s T-cell lymphoma. He endured two years of gruesome treatment until the cancer went into remission.

Tragically, when he was 17, Levi was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Battling two types of cancer was too much. Levi suffered for two more years and passed away this week, two years after the second cancer erupted.

Upon Levi’s passing, the con artists despicably set up phony accounts and solicited payments from those close to him.

The criminal’s post stated they were reaching out to ask for your support in “a difficult time,” adding that a “family in need of assistance” has been devastated by the recent passing of our “dear Levi.”

It stated that to help them through the difficult time, they were asking for donations to pay for the funeral and provide financial support.

Mr. Tracy said he felt angry and frustrated by the post.

He said his son, because of his kindness, his sense of humor, and his infectious energy, brightened each room he entered.

Hopefully, the scammers will be found and sent to prison.