Family of Murdered Cyclist Sue Killer for $1 Million

The family of murdered cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson filed a $1 million wrongful death lawsuit against her killer, Kaitlin Armstrong, who is currently incarcerated in Texas.

Armstrong, 35, was convicted in January and sentenced to 90 years in prison for the May 2022 shooting death of Wilson in Austin, Texas.

According to prosecutors, Armstrong shot the 22-year-old professional cyclist in a jealous rage after Wilson shared a meal with Armstrong’s boyfriend, professional cyclist Colin Strickland, whom Wilson briefly dated months earlier.

Armstrong used a fitness app to track Wilson down to the apartment where she was staying and shot her three times, once in the heart and twice in the head.

Wilson’s parents Eric and Karen are seeking “monetary relief” for damages amounting to more than $1 million to cover funeral costs, emotional pain, and other expenses.

The lawsuit accuses Armstrong of “negligently, unlawfully, wantonly, and recklessly” handing a firearm in violation of the laws “intended to protect people,” and alleges that the convicted killer wrongfully caused Wilson’s death when she shot her.

Wilson, who was a competitive gravel and mountain bike racer, was staying with a friend in Austin, Texas at the time of her death, preparing for an upcoming race.

After her initial interviews with police following the shooting, Armstrong fled the country for Costa Rica, where she changed her appearance by getting plastic surgery and dying her hair. Nearly six weeks later, an anonymous tip led US Marshals to Costa Rica where Armstrong was arrested on the beach and brought back to the US to stand trial.

Armstrong attempted to escape custody again in October last year when she was being escorted to a doctor’s appointment.

According to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Armstrong took off running as the two corrections officers were escorting her back to the vehicle after the appointment. She was quickly captured about a block away.