Family of Blaze Media Trapped In Israel Amid Conflict

While the 2024 presidential election remains political lightyears away, the impending battle for the White House remains the central focus of most major media outlets and national political parties. On September 27th the second Republican presidential primary debate was held at the Ronald Reagan Library in California, and a crowded cluster of flailing candidates desperately attempted to gain momentum over each other in the battle for a distant second place. The party frontrunner, Donald Trump, skipped the debate stage for a second consecutive time, and maintains a large double digit lead over the second place challenger Ron Desantis. Despite facing four criminal indictments, the GOP base remains galvanized around the former president.

On the Democratic side, Joe Biden enjoys the advantages of the incumbency and faces only token opposition within his own party from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.. Kennedy has thus far been more favorably received by Republican and Republican leaning voters than by Democrats, showing the true nature of the now affluent far-left progressive voting base of the party which historically was driven by a large coalition of working class voters. Despite this, Biden remains vulnerable, and in recent polls continues to possess a large disapproval rating.

Biden has often appeared weak at the international level, orchestrating the debacle in Afghanistan in 2021, and he failed to stop a war in Ukraine. China continues to be aggressive in the Pacific, and last week Hamas, a terrorist organization infiltrated Israel and killed over 1,000 civilians. Biden had appeared feckless at every level, and the enemies of the west have taken bold actions in the face of his incompetent leadership. American citizens are being directly affected by the shortcomings of the current administration. About 30 U.S. citizens were among the dead and missing in Israel after the initial attacks, and many more are stranded. Two individuals related to Blaze Media employees are among the Americans currently stuck in the middle east.