Evidence Implicating Biden in Twitter Files Suddenly Scrubbed From The Internet

(PresidentialHill.com)- Evidence that implicated Biden’s team in the Twitter files drop has been scrubbed from Twitter, according to Western Journal. The tweets, known as “Twitter Files Part 9,” was reportedly archived by conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley.

The files reportedly show then-Secretary of State Alex Padilla working with National Association of Secretaries of State Director of Communications Maria Benson to silence “false or misleading information.”

Padilla offered $35 million to 15 political professionals and consultants to develop a “Vote Safe California” campaign in July 2020. SKDKnickerbocker won that bid and O’Handley said that they are a consulting firm that worked with six presidential campaigns, including Joe Biden’s campaign when he was a Democratic candidate for the presidency.

Padilla, who was a former secretary of state for California and now a U.S. senator, allegedly used taxpayer dollars to hire the firm to work for Biden. The firm’s task was to choose who to censor in their “Misinformation Daily Briefings.” They would then communicate with big tech platforms to get them silenced.

O’Handley’s thread, now removed from Twitter, was prefaced with a disclaimer that his thread was not the official files released by Elon Musk. Everything listed was from “Judicial Watch FOIA [Freedom of Information Act]/Sunshine Records Requests.”

O’Handley, also known as DC Draino, was restored to the social media platform after a 22-month ban for “election misinformation.”


He said that he was also banned for requesting that there be a “9/11 commission-style report” on the fraud allegations.

“When your country is stolen and you aren’t even allowed to talk about it, that’s not freedom. It’s fascism,” he wrote.

Previous tweets by O’Handley were flagged with “fact-checks” saying that his claims about election fraud were disputed and because of that the tweets were not able to be commented on or retweeted. Twitter reasoned that sharing the tweets might promote violence.