Even Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Is Bailing On Him! 

(PresidentialHill.com)- It has been reported that the prominent criminal defense attorney Joshua Levy no longer represents Hunter Biden. This comes after stress and infighting afflicted the criminal defense team, which included at least four attorneys. 

Mr. Levy, who was engaged to focus on blocking congressional investigations that attempt to disclose the family’s complex business operations, is no longer representing the notorious Biden family business member. The congressional investigations seek to reveal the family’s complicated business schemes. 

The reason for Joshua Levy’s departure from the case is unclear at this time. In the past, Lowell has defended high-profile persons entangled in political controversies, including Jared Kushner and Bill Clinton, amongst others. 

According to one report, Levy allegedly disagreed with a legal effort. Last month, “litigation hold” letters were sent to Rudy Giuliani, Tony Bobulinski, and a dozen others in order to preserve records. Critics saw the move as a public relations tactic, hoping to alter the troubling narrative for the Biden family. 

The founder and president of the Article III Project, Mike Davis, said that the letters were a laughable effort that would damage the family’s legal position as the lawsuit would result in discovery.   

Davis remarked he hoped  Hunter Biden was dumb enough to sue someone because the discovery, including Hunter’s filmed deposition, would be manna from Heaven. 

Reports show Bob Bauer, who serves as President Biden’s personal attorney, was the one who suggested Levy. According to a source, Mr. Levy also had disagreements with Kevin Morris, a lawyer and close advisor to Hunter Biden.    

There may be a rough road ahead for the Hunter Biden law team. 

The source also noted that the high-profile attorney who heads Hunter’s criminal defense team, Chris Clark, has also been the target of infighting by the rest of Hunter’s legal team. 

Throughout his professional career, Chris Clark worked as a partner for the same legal firm in Washington, DC, as the husband of former Representative Liz Cheney.