EV Owners Faced With Repair Bills Far Above Gas Cars

When first-time buyers of electric vehicles get their repair bills after minor accidents, they are astonished.

According to a report, by 2030, the Biden administration hopes that half of all new automobiles sold will be electric. That’s the equivalent of about 48 million vehicles. Owners will need access to chargers when traveling and professionals who can maintain and repair their cars. The quantities required for an orderly shift to EVs do not exist for any of those items.

Last year, Scott MacFiggen’s Rivian pickup truck sustained damage comparable to a bowling ball near the rear taillight when his neighbor rear-ended it.

In addition to being without his vehicle for two weeks, MacFiggen anticipated receiving a charge from the repair business for a couple of thousand dollars. The car took over two months to be repaired, and the final cost was $22,000.

Reports show that although electric vehicles are more costly to repair than gas-powered vehicles, the cost of keeping a traditional car is significantly higher. Parts cost twice as much, and insurance is much more than gas-powered vehicles.

The lack of training among volunteer fire departments in rural and small-town areas makes the fire threat from vehicles holding lithium-ion batteries all the more severe. Fire departments in rural areas will lag behind their metropolitan counterparts for a while.

Additionally, producers will likely address some issues once they meet customer demand.

Hertz Global Holdings, a rental car firm, had its third-quarter earnings squeezed partly due to the high cost of servicing electric models. The company’s fleet is mostly Tesla automobiles.

According to the insurance comparison site Insurify, insurance rates for electric car owners are $357 per month on average, compared to $248 for gasoline vehicles. This is partly due to the higher maintenance expenses associated with electric vehicles.

Most of these issues are hoped to be resolved within the next ten years. But until then, gasoline-powered automobiles reign.