Eric Adams Sued For $5M Over Abuse Accusations

By filing a $5 million lawsuit on Wednesday, a woman has accused Democratic Mayor Eric Adams of abusing her sexually in 1993 in New York City.

Adams and the New York Police Department’s Transit Bureau were named defendants in the complaint filed just before the Adult Survivors Act deadline. Adams was a police officer with the NYPD during that period. Reports say that the accuser was employed by the city during the alleged assault, as stated in the complaint.

“Intentional infliction of emotional distress,” “hostile work environment,” “assault, battery, and employment discrimination based on the Plaintiff’s gender and sex,” and “retaliation” are the charges against the defendants.

The mayor’s office and Adams swiftly disputed the claims, claiming that he was unaware of the complainant’s identity, and the three-page summons provides no more details on the charges.

The nature of the woman’s employment with the municipality remains unknown.

A spokesman for the mayor said he has no recollection of their meeting, and he vehemently rejects any accusation that he would intentionally cause bodily injury to another individual.

Regardless of when the alleged abuse happened, accusers now have one year to bring lawsuits in federal and state courts according to the Adult Survivors Act, which took effect in November 2022. On Friday, that one-year period came to a close.

Amid the mayor’s many scandals and problems, Adams is now facing accusations of receiving illicit campaign funds from the Turkish government in 2021, according to an FBI inquiry that began earlier this month.

While out and about with his security detail, Adams was approached by FBI agents, who then seized two of his mobile phones and an iPad before giving them back to him a few days later.

Adams has lately been a source of frustration for the Biden administration due to his persistent demands that President Biden and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas take more action to resolve the border situation, especially in light of the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants in New York City. After hearing of the FBI’s investigation into Adams’ campaign, the mayor scrapped his plans to meet with Biden administration officials to address the border situation and illegal immigration.

Adams, a Democrat, has boasted about his over two decades of experience in the police force, which he began in the 1980s as a subway police officer in New York City and eventually rose to the rank of captain. He was named chairman of the Guardians, an organization for Black New York City Police Department officers, by New York Magazine in 1994. A group that challenged the New York Police Department’s strategies of racism, stop-and-frisk, and policing—100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care—was also created by Adams.