Epstein Estate Mystery Deepens After More Prosecutions Threatened

(PresidentialHill.com)- According to a formal court document acquired by The Sun, the hiker was “lawfully present” on publicly owned properties near the $27.5 million property known as “Pedo Ranch” when he was threatened by a Zorro Ranch employee carrying a gun.

State officials warned the ranch would be subject to civil or criminal action if it continued to harass anyone on the property legitimately.

Stephanie Garcia Richards, the commissioner of public lands for New Mexico, writes in the letter that several weeks ago, the New Mexico State Land Office received an incident report from a recreational access permittee stating that on October 16, 2020, he was approached by Zorro Ranch employees at gunpoint who claimed he was trespassing on Zorro Ranch’s private property. Our investigation has revealed that the hiker was always on state trust territory; it was the Zorro Ranch personnel who intruded when they encountered him.

The letter stated that the event is particularly troubling since Zorro Ranch workers not only trespassed on state trust properties but also pointed a handgun at a member of the public who was lawfully present on our holdings.

A mysterious man who was seen driving out of the remote ranch also told a Sun reporter to stop using a public road close to its property.

“All kinds of individuals,” he claimed, had attempted to “case out” the home.
The man observed driving away from the New Mexico home in a red SUV, identified himself as a tourist but declined to provide any other information on what had occurred there.

He resembled the enigmatic ranch manager Brice Gordon, a New Zealander who oversaw the place when it was discovered that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked women and young girls there.

When questioned whether he was Brice, he responded in an accent from New Zealand that he wasn’t.

The $27.5 million estate is scarcely visible on top of a hill, 2.3 miles from the land, and is only accessible through one gate. Authorities from New Mexico, who have long conflicted with the ranch, were denied access to the site in 2021. The site office received a cease-and-desist letter from the estate of disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein asking them to stop leasing the public land on the property back to them.

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