Election “Signal” Has Democrats And Republicans Preparing Fraud Claims

(PresidentialHill.com)- The American political system is undergoing a paradigm shift as established voting blocs begin to transform. According to polling data, women, Latinos, and Black folks are moving away from the Democratic Party and toward the Republicans under Donald Trump. The impact of the midterm elections could be a sign of a fundamental change in American politics.

The political left and right are laying the groundwork for legal action relating to the midterm elections. Fraud will be suspected by one side or the other.

In the past, Democrats have decried Republican actions as election tampering because they organized large movements to monitor polling and search for any irregularities in the run-up to the elections. They see it as ā€œintimidation.ā€

Republicans believe that the left manipulates the system and has an “anything to win” mentality. The right is immoral, according to the left. Therefore cheating is justified.

On election day across the country, Republicans attempt to maintain a balance between Republican and Democratic poll workers. Additionally, they are trying to oppose acts like counting votes when signatures don’t match.

Democrats, meanwhile, are accusing Republicans of suppressing voters, and they claim that a loosening of speech restrictions will have an impact on the election.

Election integrity is being defended in the meantime in an increasingly tense environment. What was once a quiet battle has now grown louder as the public becomes aware of how their votes can be undermined.

Will a ballot from a deceased person cancel their vote? Will the ballot be purposefully tampered with before being thrown into a pile of “unreadables”? ā€

Will a 3 am vote dump of previously undiscovered ballots be delivered through the back door?

Can software be hacked to change electronic voting?

Trust is gone. It must be repaired.

Free and fair elections are necessary to uphold the grand experiment that is the American republic. When choosing a city council member or the president of the United States, every American must be able to trust the process and the results, or else the democratic system will fail.

Election integrity is essential, and the security of the voting booth cannot be relied upon to be maintained by a crude honor system. State governments must protect the electoral process and ensure that voters’ right to cast a ballot is protected.