Easter Bunny Costume Wearer Acts As Joe Biden’s Handler On Camera

(PresidentialHill.com)- At the White House on Monday, President Joe Biden was stopped by the Easter Bunny.
Biden was on the White House’s South Lawn for an Easter egg roll when he drifted off and talked to passers-by.

A costumed worker went up to the president and began waving its hands to interrupt him as he began to speak on Afghanistan and Pakistan at an Easter egg event.

The president was guided to the Easter Egg roll by the dressed-up bunny.

Megan Hays, a special assistant to the president and head of message planning, disclosed on social media after the event that she was the one inside the bunny costume.

Biden was diverted and reminded of what he needed to accomplish on occasion throughout the day.

The first woman once told him that when he finished speaking, he should wave.
When Biden attempted to get out of his seat, the first lady instructed him to remain.
At one point, the first lady directed him to wave after he finished a short speech.

“The Easter Bunny is here, Mr. President!” a voice announces before Biden is ushered away.

The video of the Easter Bunny interrupting Joe Biden has been viewed five million times.
Senator Josh Hawley(R) tweeted about the clip saying, “This Administration has officially reached peak absurdity.”

Buzz Paterson, a Republican who ran for the California House of Representatives in 2020 but lost, commented on Twitter: “Some staffer in a bunny outfit interrupts the most important person in the world. Only in Biden’s America.”

When did the
John Schenz had a costume design studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1981. Schenz said that he received a call from DC requesting that he construct a rabbit suit for a 6-foot-3 Secret Service member to wear during a White House Easter function beside former President Ronald Reagan.

He donated the suit to the parks department after the event. He visited the White House Easter Egg Roll the next year and was appalled by the condition of the outfit. He came into the office to protest about the outfit. He quickly received another call requesting that he produce two Easter bunnies for the presidential event the following year.

The tradition stuck.