Durham Probe Paints Damning Picture Of Hillary Clinton

(PresidentialHill.com)- Last Wednesday, Just the News compiled an exhaustive timeline of the Russia collusion hoax based on the evidence that has emerged thus far.

In a court filing on Monday, Special Counsel John Durham submitted the handwritten notes written by the two FBI officials who interviewed former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann that back up the charge that Sussmann lied to the FBI. The notes reveal that Sussmann told the officials he was not acting on behalf of a client by reporting the alleged link between Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa bank.

The only problem is that Sussmann was acting on behalf of a client: the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In his notes of their meeting, former Assistant Director for the FBI’s Counterintelligence Bill Priestap noted that Sussmann said he was “not doing this for any client.”

Durham also produced a text message Sussman sent to then-FBI general counsel James Baker asking for a meeting to discuss the dirt he had on Trump. In the text, Sussmann noted that he was “coming on my own” and “not on behalf of a client or company.”

And that right there is the crux of Durham’s case against Sussmann, who is charged with twice lying to the FBI when he claimed he was not representing a client when he brought the FBI the dirt on Trump.

In his latest court filings presenting the documented evidence, Durham described Sussmann’s comments as a “lie” meant to conceal from the FBI the “political origins” of the Alfa bank dirt.

According to Just the News, Sussmann’s lawyers will no doubt challenge Durham’s new evidence, possibly claiming some of the evidence is protected by attorney-client privilege. It is also likely they will argue that Sussmann’s lie was immaterial and had no bearing on the FBI’s decision-making.

After outlining the recent developments in Sussmann’s case, Just the News lays out its exhaustive timetable of the conspiracy by compiling what has been learned both from Durham’s court filings and from the public government documents already available.

Read the exhaustive timeline at Just the News HERE.