Dr. Oz Says It’s Time To Move Past COVID

(PresidentialHill.com)- Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, said Wednesday that it’s critical to let America get back to reality and learn to fly without masks.

Oz said that the CDC was restricting our ability to travel by mandating masks on planes, trains, and every other mode of transportation. He believes the judge was correct in her decision to lift the mask requirements.

The White House has stated it would not appeal the decision to repeal the mandate unless the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deems masks must still be worn, but Oz believes there will be no pushback over the decision, which was set to expire in 10 days.

Furthermore, Oz said that he understands that some people are afraid of COVID, but the medical fact is that we’ll have to learn to travel without masks. If you already have natural immunity, masks aren’t necessary. Masks don’t benefit folks who have had their vaccinations. Masks didn’t benefit young people.

Oz said that it’s also not a good idea to mix politics with medicine since you get politics and there’s no medicine left, so filing an appeal would be futile.

He admitted he understands some worries from parents of small children who have not yet had their vaccines, but he emphasized that healthy youngsters are highly resilient to COVID.

Oz believes this isn’t a pandemic anymore. It’s a virus that’s spread throughout the country. It will become an integral part of our lives, with new variations. Forcing people to wear masks on airplanes does not make sense.

Oz also responded to other GOP candidates in Pennsylvania, questioning his conservative values and Trump’s backing.

He said that President Trump endorsed him because he thought he was smart, tough, and will never let us down.

Oz added that he is socially conservative about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness because it starts at conception. You have to protect kids in school so they’re not brainwashed, and you’ve got to get them well enough educated to go out and get meaningful jobs.

The doctor says he’s conservative and will not let down the right. He said that he could walk into the knife fight of the culture wars with more than just an index card.