Dr. Oz Is Worried About The “Mystery Person” Who Is Running Against Him

(PresidentialHill.com)- On Wednesday, a worried Sean Hannity reaffirmed his support for Mehmet Oz in the Republican primary contest for Pennsylvania. Later in his show, he had Oz on as his guest.

Recent polling on the three-way Pennsylvania primary fight shows Kathy Barnette surging ahead of the pack.

Following a Fox News survey earlier this month, Hannity stated, “I like Kathy.” The poll indicated that Oz received 22 percent, David McCormick received 20 percent, and Barnette received 19 percent.

But Hannity said that the problem is that we’re now looking at what is a must-hold Republican Senate seat if the Republicans ever want to take the majority in the United States Senate. After saying that, Hannity went on to detail several aspects of Barnette’s history that he found concerning. One of them was a tweet that she sent in January of 2016 in which she referred to then-President Barack Obama as a “Muslim.”

Hannity stated that there are “serious, real, open doubts” regarding Barnette with only days remaining in the campaign.

Regarding Oz, Hannity said that he views him as the Republican candidate in this primary who will win the general election.

Hannity then invited Oz onto the show. He’s the candidate for governor of Pennsylvania who supports both the Fox host and former President Donald Trump.

Oz said he agreed with the diagnosis of Barnette, who he described as a puzzle. “She is an enigma,” Oz said.

The controversial celebrity doctor then reiterated a number of the points that Hannity had just made, including her potential viability in the general election and how Barnette was unsuccessful in his bid for the House of Representatives in a district located close to Philadelphia in 2020.

At one point, Oz stated that “we have Washington money investing in Barnette to destroy Donald Trump.” He then asked Fox viewers for donations.

Oz, once more, alluded to Barnette as a “mystery person” and issued a warning that her history would be “fodder for the Democrats.”

Is Oz implying he is “fodderless”?