Dr. Fauci’s Wife Sent Messages Calling For Harassment

(PresidentialHill.com)- Christine Grady, the wife of Dr. Anthony Fauci, co-authored a paper in March defending the ethics of compelling employees to receive the COVID vaccination. Grady heads up the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

The paper, which was funded by the NIH Clinical Center and the National Human Genome Research Institute, outlines the “ethics of encouragement strategies” to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

In addition to Christine Grady, the paper was co-authored by her colleagues at NIH’s Department of Bioethics Benjamin E. Berkman and David Wendler, as well as Skye A. Miner from the Department of Medical Humanities and Bioethics at the University of Arkansas.

The authors dismiss any privacy or “autonomy concerns” surrounding employer vaccine mandates and conclude that placing subtle pressure to get employees vaccinated is “ethically acceptable.”

With regard to mandating vaccinations, the authors argue that mandates are “ethically appropriate” so long as employers are clear about what the consequences will be if workers do not comply.

To boost vaccination rates among employees, the authors suggest employers publicly share vaccination statistics as a way to “spur competition” or “implicitly embarrass vaccine resistors.”

To make the case for employers publicly released vaccine stats, the “ethicists” claim that there can be “social consequences” to “peer communication” about vaccines like stigmatizing and ostracizing the unvaccinated.

But rather than warn against the damage to morale from stigmatizing or ostracizing the unvaccinated, the paper seems to advocate for it. The writers argue that by getting pressure from their coworkers, the unvaccinated can be compelled to “help the group meet its return-to-work goals.”

Is anybody surprised that Anthony Fauci’s missus is just as ignorant about Liberty, Sovereignty, and the Constitution as her husband?

You can read the full paper HERE.