Dr. Fauci’s Retirement Won’t Save Him, State Attorney General Says

(PresidentialHill.com)- Anthony Fauci delayed his planned retirement from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases by at least two years after a federal court permitted a subpoena against him in the Republican attorneys general’s social media censorship case.


Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry does not believe this is a coincidence, but it will not affect his standing in the First Amendment case with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and censoring doctors.


Landry explained to the John Solomon Reports program that he thought this is one of the most important issues that will eventually find its way up to the Supreme Court in 100 years,  and that should frighten the living daylights out of every American citizen.

Retirement is not going to save Fauci. Landry remarked that he wanted to know everything Fauci hid from the public, including therapeutics that could have saved lives.

According to reports, several cases have exposed extensive collaboration on censorship decisions between Big Tech corporations and many officials in at least a dozen federal organizations, including claims about COVID vaccinations and alternative therapies. The FDA, which authorized ivermectin in 1998, misled the public last year about its usage in humans, saying it was solely used on horses.

Reports show U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty overturned the Justice Department’s objections to Fauci responding “interrogatories” in the AGs’ complaint in his role as White House senior medical advisor last week, giving him 21 days to respond.

Landry stated that former White House coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx admitted that she knew vaccines would not protect against infection.
People like Birx should lose their licenses and pensions.

Landry hopes the litigation would compel internet companies to publish everything banned in a searchable catalog. The people should see what their government hid from them.

Citizens should also launch their own First Amendment claims against the government depending on what they discover.

In closing, Landry stated that we could only fix our country when we fix our states.

That is the absolute truth.

Landry’s interview can be found at the link above.