Donald Trump’s Latest Picture Book Hauls In $20 Million

( In the two months since Trump’s coffee table book “Our Journey Together” went on sale, it has grossed $20 million.

According to CNN, the book, for which Trump received a multi-million dollar advance, has been a surprising hit for the newly-founded Winning Team Publishing and a huge financial windfall for the former President.

The oversized memoir includes loads of pictures detailing Trump’s four years in the White House. And one of the popular features of the book is that the captions, all of which are written by Trump, have the same unfiltered takes his Twitter feed was famous for.

According to Winning Team Publishing founder Sergio Gor, the company initially printed 200,000 copies of “Our Journey Together,” but demand was so high, they quickly ran out and had to order another 300,000 copies from three different printers.

The book retails for about $75, with signed copies selling for $230. Less than two days after its release, the autographed copies were selling into the thousands.

Sergio Gor said the company can’t keep up with customer demand. Even with the reprints, customers may not receive their copy of “Our Journey Together” until late February or early March.

The demand is so high, a signed copy is being sold as a “collectible” on Amazon for $1,749. Other autographed copies of the book are being auctioned on eBay for between $950 and $1,300.

Gor’s business partner at Winning Team Publishing is Donald Trump Junior. So far, “Our Journey Together” is the only book Winning Team has published. But according to Sergio Gor, the company has signed two other conservative authors.

The Trump-written captions featured in the book include a caption accompanying a photo of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in which Trump wrote “She was screaming and shaking like a leaf, she’s f**king crazy, hence the name ‘Crazy Nancy.’”

Accompanying a photo of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Trump remarked that “Zuckerberg would come to the White House and kiss my a**.”