Donald Trump’s Biggest Question For 2024 Is Now About Timing

( The timing of former President Donald Trump’s third consecutive bid for the White House is now a matter of when not if. In an interview, he said that he had already made up his mind. He only needs to decide on one more item at this point.

This is his biggest question. Does he run before or after the midterms?

Trump previously mentioned running for president in the 2000 and 2012 election cycles, but he ultimately decided against it. But that was before his iconic escalator trip in 2015, his humiliating defeat of Jeb Bush and the Bush family dynasty, his victory over 16 other Republicans in the primaries, his unlikely shock of Hillary Clinton, his crazy one-term presidency, and a bittersweet 2020 campaign.

There’s probably more than enough frantic activity to persuade Donald Trump to do a Grover Cleveland. And that’s not even accounting for President Joe Biden’s current polling worse than Trump was when he was at his lowest moment.
Trump is restless. Every day, the Democrats and Never Trumpers’ Jan. 6 committee works to undermine him.

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, is beginning to command attention in a way that must be hard for the former reality TV star to accept. He knows he can narrow the field since many qualified Republicans have declared they would not challenge him.

The 45th president does not want the admirers or detractors to drift away. Simply put, Donald Trump won’t permit it. “Have you been to Alaska and Las Vegas? He told New York, “I’ll tell you, the enthusiasm and the crowds are greater than they’ve ever been. “The excitement is at an all-time high.”

Republicans are eager to dethrone the Democrats’ slim House dominance and other significant down-ballot victories this year. They plan to challenge Biden in the election as well as inflation, rising crime, a porous southern border, and unpredictability overseas.

Whether or not they agree with the former president’s opinions about the 2016 election, the biggest threat to Trump’s reelection is that Republicans will decide that rather than rehashing the events of 2020, it would be healthier for both their election prospects and those of the nation to nominate someone else.

Essentially it’s all about the timing.

Waiting has advantages in terms of finances and collaborating with super PACs. DeSantis can defeat Donald Trump if he gets a head start on him. The former president can afford the delay if he continues to be powerful.