Donald Trump Surges Past Biden In Key Swing State

There is a dilemma for the Democrats as they prepare for the upcoming presidential election.

If the election were held today, 48% of potential voters in battleground areas would cast their ballot for former President Donald Trump, while 41% would cast their ballot for President Joe Biden, according to a study conducted by Echelon Insights.

Eleven percent didn’t make up their minds.

Only 40% of voters in swing states had a favorable opinion of Biden, while 43% had a favorable opinion of Trump.

The president’s troubles extend even to his party.

Overall, 33% of Democrats and 34% of Democrats in swing states indicated they would vote for someone other than Biden if given the choice. For the president, that’s a massive shortfall.

Despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, in the crucial swing states of Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Biden beat Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Sixty-five percent of Democratic primary voters backed Biden, 14% backed Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and 4% backed motivational speaker and author Marianne Williamson.

Six percent replied “someone else,” and 11 percent were undecided when given only Biden, Kennedy, and Williamson as options.

In 2020, Biden wasn’t exactly on top of his game, doing little to no campaigning while Trump drew massive audiences like a rock star.

And it looks like Trump is back to doing what he did three years ago when he drew an estimated 50,000 people to his rallies during the Fourth of July weekend.

Echelon polled probable 2024 voters outside battleground states and found they were evenly split between Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Republican Donald Trump, and Green Party candidate Cornel West. The results showed that Trump earned 43% of the vote, Biden 42%, and West 4%.

The History Channel claims that consumer activist Ralph Nader’s third-party candidacy in the contentious 2000 election between Democrats Al Gore and Republicans George W. Bush lost Gore the presidency. Nader received less than 3 percent of the popular vote.

There is still no telling what will happen in the next 16 months until the presidential election 2024.