Don Lemon’s “Pal” Abandons Him At CNN 

( According to the gossip site RadarOnline, CNN morning host Don Lemon has grown so toxic at the cable network that everyone, even his friend Anderson Cooper, is giving him a wide berth. 

Lemon was pulled off the air late last month after he described Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley as being past her prime during a broadcast of “CNN This Morning.” 

After the comments set off a firestorm among his colleagues and on social media, Lemon was forced to apologize, posting on Twitter that his remarks were “inartful and irrelevant.” 

Lemon also apologized to his colleagues during an editorial meeting the following day, telling them that he could understand why they found his remarks “completely misguided.” He was then pulled off “CNN This Morning” for several days. 

The following week, CNN President Chris Licht sent a memo to employees notifying them that Lemon was returning to work after a “frank and meaningful conversation” in which Lemon agreed to undergo “formal training.” 

A short time later, TMZ reported that sources at CNN said Lemon’s future at the network remained uncertain. According to the sources, Lemon received a “final warning” and if he continues to make the work environment “toxic,” he will be gone. 

And now, a month later, Lemon’s status at CNN has only gotten worse. 

Sources told RadarOnline that Lemon’s colleague Anderson Cooper “wants nothing to do with Don.” One source claimed that Lemon’s colleagues are running the other way when they see him in the hall, adding that nobody wants to be around him in case he “messes up again.” According to the source, Lemon has become a “ticking time bomb.” 

Lemon’s fall from grace left him open to ridicule during the recent Academy Awards broadcast when the 60-year-old Best Actress Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh urged ladies not to let anyone tell them they are ever past their prime. 

It was reported in early February that Lemon routinely loses his temper with his cohosts and staff for “CNN This Morning,” including one particularly ugly off-camera scene in December in which Lemon berated cohost Kaitlan Collins for “interrupting” him on air.