Dolly Parton Responds To Rumors About Her Time Capsule

( Dolly Parton finally responded to rumors about a time capsule that she placed under her Dollywood theme park. The capsule will be uncovered when she is 99 years old, regardless of whether she is alive or not, according to The Daily Wire.

While Parton, 76, was on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” she said that the capsule buried in her Tennessee amusement park is an unreleased track.

“I have written a song that nobody’s gonna hear until I’m 99 years old—I might be there, I might not be,” she said, adding that along with the track she placed a cassette player and CD player to keep up with the times. She also expressed how much the buried capsule has bothered her, saying that there have been many times when she wants to dig it up.

The country star said that she doesn’t know whose idea it was to keep the track hidden but that it is a good song. Parton expressed her worry that no one will be able to hear how the song is in case it disintegrates by then.

Clarkson agreed with the idea and called it “beautiful,” prompting Parton to say that she hopes Clarkson will still be here to hear it.

Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos recently gifted the legendary country star $100 million, according to The Daily Wire. Parton was the 2022 Courage and Charities Award recipient, who was chosen by Bezos with the intention that that money will be used to help others.

Parton was also recently inducted into the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class this spring after initially requesting her name taken off the ballot. Parton reportedly rejected being inducted because she allegedly felt that she was not in that kind of business and would be taking away from others who worked hard to get there.

Regardless, she expressed that she was “honored.”

“Well, I guess I’m a rock star now,” she said.