DOJ Releases a Heavily Redacted Version Of Trump Warrant

In many eras of human history, the Catholic church and the Vatican, its central, independent city state within the Italian city of Rome have been centers of goodwill and peace. Indeed, omitting the crusades, the Vatican has a lengthy history of amicable diplomatic relations with many nations throughout the world, and since being recognized as an independent state in 1929 under the regime of the Fascist Italian leader Benito Mussolini the Vatican has maintained official relations and correspondence with over 50 nations throughout the globe. In the modern era, an age of fast moving, instantly accessible communication and information, it has never been easier for the Vatican or the Pope himself to comment on global or domestic affairs.

Unsurprisingly, as political tensions in the United States remain at historic highs, a newspaper publication operated by the Catholic church itself has opined on the situation at the United States southern border, declaring the border wall between Mexico and the United States to be inhuman.

The piece, featured in the paper titled L’Obsservatore Romano, blasted the border wall, claiming it to be a force for suffering for the millions of migrants who have crossed or attempted to cross it over the last several years of the Biden administration. Ironically, the Vatican itself is surrounded by a wall, and has been for much of its history, for the purpose of protection. Maybe the Pope needs a history lesson.

As national and global leaders at large continue to demonize Trump and attack him in any way possible, the department of justice released a document pertaining to a search warrant regarding his former Twitter account. In late November, the DOJ released the warrant that was obtained by Jack Smith in an effort to uncover incriminating evidence in relation to one of the many indictments Trump faces. Eight of the fourteen pages were redacted. Trump remains the Republican frontrunner in the primary for the 2024 election.