Disney Unveils “Little Demon” Show For Children

(PresidentialHill.com)- Little Demon, a new animated film from Disney released last week, is as terrible as it sounds. Disney has continued on its path to ruin.

The Walt Disney Company recently acquired 20th Century Fox and is the current owner of the FXX Network.

Disney has announced that the new FX animated horror-comedy series “Little Demon” will debut on Disney+ on September 21, 2022, in Australia and New Zealand. New episodes of the show presently air on Thursdays on FXX and the following day on Hulu. According to Disney Plus Informer, other nations’ Disney+ subscriptions are also anticipated to receive the show.

The cartoon depicts an unmarried pagan lady who gets impregnated by Satan (voiced by Danny Devito) 13 years later as she goes about her daily life with her daughter, who is the child of Satan and is known as the Antichrist.

According to the trailer, the series has demon witchcraft, paganism, gratuitous blood, gore, and nudity. It’s, therefore, pornographic by definition.

Although the cartoon is an “adult comedy,” YouTuber Nick Jones notes that it will surely draw in young viewers. The normalization of satanic, demonic, and pagan notions through a comical cartoon is probably even more terrible because it targets spiritually undiscerning adults and will further desensitize them and their children to this kind of evil.

This latest adult cartoon series, Little Demon, is likewise set in a spiritually demonic realm, similar to other Disney-affiliated works like Maleficent, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and The Owl House, according to One Million Moms, a group whose mission is to stop the exploitation of children.

The comedy shows Laura, the mother, nude with no pixelation. There are other “hijinks,” according to Deadline, a Hollywood online news outlet. She strips down naked in the series opener to perform a ritual. There are multiple instances of nudity throughout the series.

“We are going to keep pushing for it until we are told no,” the show’s creator Seth Kirschner told reporters.

Isaiah 8:19–22 in the Bible clarifies that there is a spiritual world that is not of God. It forbids us from engaging in witchcraft or seeking the advice of mediums, instead urging us to pray to God. Deuteronomy 18:10–11 also cautions us against all sorts of witchcraft.

As we previously reported, Disney announced the formation of a task force to produce more LGBTQ content for youngsters. More recently, Disney revealed the hiring of a drag queen in the upcoming Marvel comic series Ironheart.