DeSantis Flotilla Event Draws 1,300 Boats

( On Saturday, June 11, an estimated 6,500 people participated in the first DeSantis Flotilla in Jacksonville, Florida which included over 1,300 boats.

The boats passed along the St. John’s River in Jacksonville with most of them decorated with patriotic, pro-DeSantis, and pro-Trump flags. As the flotilla passed, the pro-DeSantis song “Sweet Florida” blasted from the speakers as hundreds of Florida GOP county leaders watched the flotilla go by from aboard the deck of a Navy ship.

According to Duval County GOP Chair Dean Black, the flotilla’s success shows that Floridians are united behind their governor and look forward to his reelection as well as a broader Republican victory “up and down the ballot in November.”

Florida Republican Party vice-chair Christian Ziegler told Breitbart News that the Democrat Party’s chances in November “continue to sink deeper in Florida.”

The DeSantis campaign celebrated the massive turnout, posting a video from the flotilla on Twitter: