Democrats’ Recent Wins Aren’t Helping Them Very Much

( The White House, along with its compliant news media, recently declared August President Biden’s most successful month in office. Ironically, old Joe has been on vacation for most of the time.

The media, desperate for something to put in the Win column, have been crowing over the President taking a break from his vacation to briefly drop by the White House last week to sign the laughingly named “Inflation Reduction Act.”

But now that the “Inflation Reduction Act” is law, the media has dropped the name, describing it instead as the most “ambitious” Climate Change legislation in history.

And while the White House plans to send old Joe out to promote his “ambitious” win, Americans may not be especially eager to celebrate with him.

Most polling shows voters don’t believe this legislation will reduce inflation, the one issue the majority of voters care most about.

A recent YouGov poll found that only 12 percent of respondents believe the “Inflation Reduction Act” will reduce inflation. Most, 36 percent, think it will make inflation worse while another 23 percent think it won’t have any effect on inflation at all.

Over the weekend, an NBC News poll found that 74 percent of voters think the country is headed in the wrong direction. And Congress spending over $700 billion on another monster piece of legislation that increases taxes and expands the Internal Revenue Service isn’t going to turn that tide around, which may be why some of the same media outlets that gushed over Biden signing the bill are now lamenting that the “Inflation Reduction Act” won’t do anything to reduce inflation.

CNN’s John Harwood, a reliable Biden sycophant, admitted on “New Day” last week that the name “Inflation Reduction Act” was nothing but a “marketing device” to win the votes of moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin. He said the legislation would only have a “negligible” effect on inflation.

Over on MSNBC, a guest praised the Democrats’ “marketing branding genius behind their latest spending bill.”

But for this to be “genius,” one would have to believe most Americans are idiots.

And Americans, who know just how hard Biden’s economy has been hitting them, aren’t idiots.

They know passing an enormous spending bill during a recession is a tremendously bad idea.

And the more Democrats try to pass this garbage off as a “win,” the angrier voters are going to get, especially when completely out-of-touch Biden officials make outlandish comments like these: