Democrats Attacks Fourth Of July

( Last week, the Pima County Democrats’ official Twitter account promoted an upcoming Tucson Women’s March event called “Fuck the 4th.”


Needless to say, the blowback was harsh and swift. So swift that Pima County Democrats had to delete the tweet and issue a (sort of) apology for sharing the ugly Women’s March graphic.

Democrats really need to stop hiring twentysomething female interns with degrees in gender studies to run their social media accounts. It gets them into all manner of trouble.

After Twitter users piled on to criticize the Pima County Democrats for their nasty July 4 message, they deleted the tweet and posted another tweet claiming that sharing the “Fuck the 4th” promotion graphic was a “mistake.”

What they didn’t do was distance themselves from the vile event the graphic was promoting in the first place.

The Pima County Democrats tweeted by way of explanation that they were so eager and excited to promote the event, that in their haste, they decided to share the graphic advertising provided by the Tucson Women’s March, which they claimed was “in poor taste.”

But in addition to tweeting the graphic, they also tweeted the message, “F*ck the Fourth. See you at Reid Park.”

Was that not “in poor taste” because they put an * in place of the U?

They went on to say that the Pima County Democrats support the “Fuck the 4th” event because it will “help women in our community grieve for the loss of their bodily autonomy” which the Pima County Democrats believe is “an elemental right.”

So it isn’t the idea of promoting a “Fuck The 4th” event on Independence Day that was a mistake for these loons. The only “mistake’ was sharing the graphic advertising.

In fact, they also complained about the people objecting to their tweet, saying they should be less upset about the graphic and more upset that women in Arizona “will die of botched abortions.”

In short, “sorry, not sorry.”

This is what the Democrat Party has become.