Democrats Are Reportedly Propping Up Biden To Avoid Helping Kamala Harris

( The media taboo against discussing President Biden’s advancing age and the challenge it poses to his vying for office again in 2024 is officially lifted.

This should shed light on another pressing issue facing the Democrats: the severely unpopular officeholder, who would make Biden appear like a potential electoral juggernaut, is waiting in the wings.

Democrats might be excused for thinking to themselves, “Well, maybe 80 is the new 75,” when facing the possibility of Vice President Kamala Harris standing between them and the re-election of President Donald Trump.

The most evident justification for Democrats’ unwavering support of Biden comes from Harris. Even if she hasn’t done anything particularly outstanding in either a good or terrible way, she has been a disaster as vice president. She is merely a political emptiness, and her dismal approval ratings reveal Biden’s problems and her own serious, fundamental shortcomings as a politician.

The authenticness of Hillary Clinton, the charm of Al Gore, and the common sense of AOC can all be found in Kamala Harris.

She was more or less created in a lab to be a non-principled opportunist lacking in fundamental political horse sense. She was raised in California, where retail politics are all but unnecessary due to the prevalence of left-wingers being shoe-ins.

Biden is truly Middle-Class Joe in comparison to her.

During the presidential debates, her trademark moment, in which she attacked Joe Biden for opposing busing based on her own busing experience, failed to have the desired results.

Politician Harris frequently appears to be reading stage directions aloud. Her chuckle, which has drawn criticism, often seems inappropriately affective and forced. To appear at ease even when going for the top job in American politics is an essential political talent. This talent was shared by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Harris hasn’t demonstrated any signs that she possesses this or will acquire it.

In addition to this, she hasn’t been able to build a solid rapport with the president.

Any sane person should have anticipated that Biden’s choice for vice president would be crucial, considering what Charles de Gaulle famously stated, old age is a shipwreck. It’s clear why some Democrats would wish to, against all evidence, put everything on Biden’s “youthful vigor” now that Biden played identity politics by selecting Harris instead.