Democratic Candidate Slams Reporters For Insignificant Questions

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips, who is challenging Joe Biden for the 2024 Democrat nomination, grew impatient with reporters in New Hampshire last week for refusing to ask him questions that he believed the American people cared about, Mediaite reported.

When asked by a CBS News reporter about the purpose of his campaign for president, Phillips said he had answered that question “18,000 times.” The impatient long-shot candidate said he was running “to defeat Donald Trump.”

Phillips added that nobody in the Democrat Party “seems to want to do that” other than him. He explained that given the current polling data, President Biden would be unable to defeat Trump but “no one in the country cares.”

He suggested that more people are attending Trump rallies “because he’s listening to them” but no reporters are “asking about this stuff.”

Expressing frustration, Phillips said reporters should “understand why I’m getting tired of it.” He said while reporters were doing their jobs, they weren’t asking questions that American voters “give a sh*t about.”

When Phillips first announced his run for the Democrat nomination, CNN reported that he wasn’t trying to “demean” or “diminish” President Biden but to “strengthen” him by being a “mainstream voice” that could broadly appeal to a younger generation that wanted change.

In mid-January, Phillips accused media outlets of blacklisting him to help the DNC protect President Biden.

The candidate told Politico that he was “appalled” and “disappointed” that reporters, whose job it was to share the truth and provide facts to the public were “fundamentally avoiding their responsibilities.”

Phillips said the news networks Democrat voters watch, like MSNBC, had not invited him to appear for interviews.

According to Phillips, the only networks inviting him on were right-leaning outlets that only interviewed him as a way to tweak the DNC and President Biden.