Democrat Strategist Says They’re Going To Get Creamed In Midterms

( In a recent report, The Hill spoke with several Democrat strategists who admitted that President Biden’s plummeting poll numbers are causing concern about the Democrat Party’s chances in November.

One strategist told The Hill that the problem Democrats are facing is a simple one: The American people have no confidence in Joe Biden.

Another strategist, former Clinton domestic policy advisor Bill Galston told The Hill that until there is a significant decline in inflation, Joe Biden’s approval ceiling will remain much lower than the White House would like.

Jim Kessler from the Democrat think tank Third Way told The Hill that Biden’s plummeting polling isn’t surprising as most presidents face declining approval at this point in their presidency. What’s more, Kessler added, a first-term president’s party always loses seats in the Midterm election.

Jim Kessler is in denial. There is nothing typical about Joe Biden’s awful approval numbers.

Kessler also suggested that the White House needs to hone its messaging while speaking to voters about the president’s supposed progress in office.

Ah, yes. The problem is messaging.

Another Democrat strategist who spoke to The Hill said Biden’s low approval numbers aren’t his fault. They’re the fault of Donald Trump because Biden “inherited” all the problems he’s facing.

Democrats aren’t particularly bright.

A lot of the people The Hill spoke to spent most of their time making excuses for Joe Biden’s failures. Not only was it Trump’s fault, but it was also just the fault of circumstances. The bad economy, high inflation, war in Ukraine, rising prices – all these things aren’t Joe’s fault; they just happened to occur while Biden was in the White House.

And because of the “poor perceptions of his leadership,” Democrats will suffer in the Midterm elections.

One unnamed strategist, however, was a little more realistic than the others, telling The Hill that Biden’s approval rating is going lower, not higher because Americans have lost confidence in Biden’s leadership. What’s more, the strategist explained, everyone has to accept the reality that Democrats are “going to get slaughtered in November. That’s a fact.”