Democrat Reliance On A Key Voting Group Could Seal Their Fate

( It is crucial to consider the ongoing decline in working-class support for the Democrats and what it could mean for this election and the ones that will come after it before we finally enter the last days of the election season.

Reports show there is a ton of survey research on this subject. The most recent New York Times poll shows that Democrats are 14 points ahead within the college-educated but trailing by 15 points among voters in the working class.

In the same study, respondents were asked to choose between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in 2024. Voters from the working class chose Trump by a 16-point edge, while those with a college education backed Biden by a 20-point margin.

Voters from the working class make up a more significant proportion of the voting-age population than voters with a college education. In addition, college enrolment is declining. As a political party, you would want to stop alienating votes from the working class.

According to reports, increases in turnout during this and the subsequent cycles are anticipated to be led by working-class members. Notably the nonwhite working class and older voters because of demography and declining college enrolment.  Such an electorate is likely to make it harder for Democrats to compete in the Midwest and the Southwest in the next generation, just as they already struggle to do so in the South.

According to nearly every poll conducted during this election season, the three most critical problems in this campaign are inflation, crime, and border security for around 70% of the public. The 30% of those with a college education express concern over abortion, weapons, and dangers to democracy. Because they believe that is where the votes are, the Democrats have spent their whole campaign on abortion and President Trump.

This strategy suffers from two issues. First, about 25 years’ worth of survey data shows that when most voters think about threats to democracy, they typically refer to commonplace governmental corruption. Second, discussing issues that become increasingly relevant to an ever-decreasing number of people is a way to find yourself at a political dead end. The only people that respond to you are those in your echo chamber.

A word of advice- Donate directly to your candidate, not the party.