Democrat Paid Blogger Who Called Obama The N-Word

( Over the summer, NBC News reported that campaign filings show that Congressman Vicente Gonzalez’s campaign paid $1,200 to The McHale Report blog on June 24 for “advertising services.”

The blog, owned by Jerry McHale, a guy with a history of posting racist-fueled attacks on Hispanics and blacks, repeatedly attacked Gonzalez’s Republican challenger, Congresswoman Mayra Flores.

McHale referred to her as “Miss Frijoles” and a “cotton-picking liar.” He also made highly sexualized vulgar comments about the smell of Flores’ private parts.

Gonzalez told NBC News the timing of the racist attacks against Flores was a coincidence and the money the campaign paid McHale had nothing to do with the inflammatory posts.

Gonzalez’s campaign manager Collin Steele told NBC News that the congressman opposes slurs like “Miss Frijoles” and “cotton-picking liar.”

And last week, Fox News reported that a post from McHale also appears on another blog that is running ads for Gonzalez. And in this post, he referred to former President Barack Obama by the N-word.

In 2014, McHale wrote a post that appeared in a blog called El Rrun Rrun in which he claimed some describe Barack Obama as a God d*mn n*gger.

According to FEC filings, the Gonzalez campaign paid Juan Montoya, who runs El Rrun Rrun blog, two separate payments for “advertising services.” Montoya received $1,000 from the campaign in October 2021, and another $1,200 this past June.

Montoya told Fox that he severed ties with McHale years ago after a “falling out” and hasn’t had any contact with him since.

In a statement to Fox News, the Gonzalez campaign said the language used by McHale in the 2014 post on El Rrun Rrun was “abhorrent,” and said the campaign had already cut ties with McHale.

The campaign also noted that the blog post in question happened three years before Congressman Gonzalez was even sworn into office, adding that Gonzalez “does not condone these comments.”