Democrat Official Accused Of Murdering Journalist Tried To Kill Himself, Report Alleges

( A Democratic official accused of killing the Las Vegas journalist who revealed his affair grinned while he was in court.

Robert Telles, 45, the public administrator for Clark County, is charged with murdering Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German outside his home.

After writing several pieces revealing married Telles’ adultery and improper use of public power, German, 69, was fatally stabbed on September 3.

Telles smirked today when he stood before a judge and was informed that his subsequent court hearing in the matter would take place on September 20.

He was ushered away while still in handcuffs and was wearing a navy prison uniform. He smiled and nodded throughout the proceedings.

Telles remained silent during the hearing and had white bandages covering his arms from his attempted suicide before police picked him up for the crime.

According to an arrest report, when SWAT troops arrived to arrest him, he had barricaded himself inside his house, had made suicidal threats, and had sliced his arms with a knife.

Additionally, police had to take him to the hospital before booking him into the county jail since it was believed that he had used drugs just before being handcuffed.

Because Telles “poses a flight risk and threat to the community,” Clark County DA Steve Wolfson said he intends to ask the judge to set his bond at a “very high” level.

Telles is being held without bond and is charged with one count of murder using a dangerous weapon.
It follows the announcement by city officials that Telles will continue in his position and receive his $130,000 salary until a replacement is elected, despite the murder allegation.

In a press conference held last week, police reported that they had found a straw hat and a pair of shoes that matched the attire of a suspect seen on security footage in German’s area just around the time of his seven torso stab wounds.

The hat and shoes had both been severed, but the bottoms of the sneakers still had blood on them.

Telles had been complaining about German for months, including in a furious string of social media posts. He accused German of rummaging through his trash and creating “false smear pieces” about him. The newspaper’s staff acted as German would have wanted them to, following his narrative and trying to figure out what happened. They are “appalled” that a colleague looks to have been murdered for writing about an elected person.