Democrat Mayor Disinterred Confederate General’s Grave

( Richmond, Virginia’s far-left mayor disinterred a Confederate general’s grave last week, according to The Blaze. Mayor Levar Stoney reportedly ordered that the general be reburied to be more “inclusive.”

The move came after years in court when a Richmond Circuit Court judge finally authorized the removal of the monument commemorating General Ambrose Powell “A.P.” Hill Jr. The monument had been at the intersection of Laburnum and Hermitage since 1891.

After the death of George Floyd in 2020, Stoney stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and ordered all Confederate statues to be removed. When many of the BLM protests led to violent riots, Stoney blamed white supremacists as its “leading force.”

The monument of Hill was one of the last Confederates on display to the public before it was taken down on December 12. The removal was not as simple as all the others had been because the body of the general was buried underneath it. The removal would have to coincide with a reburial.

John Hill, the general’s indirect ancestor, objected to the effort but they were ignored. He was there as Stoney’s crew and morticians from Bennett Funeral Home dug the general up.

There was a moment of silence when the general was brought back up to the surface after being killed by a Union officer in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1865. The silence was reportedly broken as hecklers on both sides of the controversy were heard yelling. One man could be heard shouting to John Hill that he should come over there and “beat” him like his “daddy should’ve.”

General Hill was covered only in a quilt and Confederate flag, according to reports. He will be moved about 80 miles north in Culpeper, where authorities purchased a prearranged plot for $1,000.

The mayor celebrated the removal and called it a victory for inclusivity.

“Over two years ago, Richmond was home to more confederate statues than any city in the United States,” he tweeted, adding that that chapter is now closed.