Democrat Leader Wants To Target Capitalism To Push His Climate Change Theories

( Mandela Barnes, a Democrat running for the Wisconsin Senate, argued to the UN that to stop climate change, the US needs to “stymie capitalism,” contending that the free market has led the world down a “path to destruction.”

Barnes, representing Wisconsin at the 2019 U.N. Climate Change Conference in Spain, was questioned on potential legislative actions to address climate change. Barnes blamed the US and its economic system for the problem.

Barnes said the simple solution is to get money out of politics. The second thing is to undermine capitalism as it is practiced in America.

The loon goes on to make a harsh criticism of American capitalism that is much stronger than anything he has said while campaigning for office. The recently unearthed words may make it difficult for Barnes to distance himself from the far-left ideologies he espoused during his ten-year parliamentary career. His speech, which was first published by Empower Wisconsin but has not yet been made in video form, links the US’s endemic greed to both gun violence and climate change.

Our current situation is due to the pursuit of avarice, Barnes said.  He said we’re in “this predicament” right now because capitalism has gone wrong. The same reason why we have trouble solving all these other issues also explains why gun violence is pervasive in the United States of America.

Barnes said for so long, the thinking process has been to plan how we can make the next dollar in the following year.

“We must reframe our perspective on that. And once more, we’ll keep moving in the wrong direction unless we stop worrying about money,” Barnes said.


Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wisconsin) is being targeted by left-wing activist groups for his support of a carbon tax and divesting state pension funds from fossil fuels.


A Johnson spokeswoman said that Sen. Mandela Barnes’ insistence on drastically altering a country whose founding he believes to be so awful would lower our prosperity, safety, and freedom.