Democrat Candidate Scrubs “LatinX” Term Before Election

( Just in time for her competitive reelection campaign against Republican Adam Laxalt, which is anticipated to depend heavily on Hispanic votes, Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto is giving up her years-long of usage of the gender-neutral term “Latinx.”

Reports show shortly after former president Donald Trump took office, Cortez Masto started using the term “woke.”  In the following two years, Cortez Masto utilized the term “Latinx.”  In June 2019, Cortez-Masto urged Democrat presidential contenders to refrain from underestimating Nevada’s “Latinx votes.”

“Latinx” has been used by Cortez Masto in official campaign news releases. One press release claimed Nevada was one of the most diversified states in America with a thriving “Latinx culture.”  In another, she stated no one could convey the history of Las Vegas without hearing Latinx voices. Cortez-Masto’s Twitter account has not used “Latina” or “Latino,” thinking it would win over Hispanic voters.

According to reports, the Democrat candidate frequently refers to herself as the first Latina ever elected to the U.S. Senate, while Cortez Masto’s most recent news releases use “Latinx” for “Latino.”  The adjustment represents a covert acknowledgment that Cortez Masto’s prior support for a progressive language would have alienated a significant vote bloc in her contest with Laxalt.

A December 2021 Bendixen & Amandi International poll found that just 2% of American Hispanic voters use the word “Latinx,” while 40% believe the phrase offends them, and 30% say they would be less inclined to support a politician who uses it.

The Democrat’s top backers are warning that angry Hispanic voters may not come out due to economic worries. Nevada has been severely struck by inflation. For instance, the average gallon of gas costs $5.40, which is 32% more than the national average.

Some working-class voters in Nevada have given up on Democrats because of that problem.

Local reports show an East Las Vegas voter told a Culinary Workers Union canvasser that he would not vote for the Democrats after all they have done to damage the economy.

According to the leftist Somos PAC head, it keeps him up at night, and he’s worried that Latinos will not turn up to vote this year.

They will. But not for Democrats.