Democrat Candidate Confesses To Drunken Vomiting On Children At Sleepover

( The Oklahoma Democrat congressional candidate who got into a drunken frenzy and verbally attacked several pre-teen girls at a slumber party has finally apologized for her behavior.

On February 11, Abby Broyles, the Democrat candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, went to a friend’s house where she guzzled wine throughout the night then began to act belligerently toward a group of girls attending a sleepover at the house.

After hurling insults, racial slurs, and profanity at the children, Broyles capped off the night by puking into a laundry basket, not to mention on one of the girls’ shoes.

When reports of her drunken behavior hit the news, Broyles initially denied the accusations, even claiming she was out of town on the night in question and threatening to sue the outlet that broke the story.

Broyles told the outlet in question,, that the allegations were “awful and false.” She said she was attending a fundraising trip out of town at the time. She accused the parents of the girls who posted on social media about her behavior of cooking up the story, claiming it was a political attack to hurt her campaign.

But finally, last week, Broyles changed her tune. In an interview with KFOR, she admitted that she was at that house when the sleepover took place. Then she claimed her friend had given her some medication that caused her to hallucinate.

Ah, okay. So she was there and not on a fundraising trip, but it isn’t her fault; it’s her friend’s fault.

During the interview, Broyles apologized to the parents of the young girls. But rather than leave well enough alone, she also hit out at the people who think she’s making excuses, snapping, “you don’t know me.”

She said she would never say anything hurtful like the hurtful things she said to these pre-teen girls if she hadn’t been drugged by her friend.

Broyles also accused of “misquoting” her, claiming she never told them she wasn’t at the house.

Given the state of the Democrat Party, getting falling down drunk, hurling racial slurs at children, and puking on a little girl’s shoe is probably considered a resume-enhancer.