Dem Strategist Lashes Out At Liberal Extremists

James Carville, the longtime Democrat strategist and former advisor to Bill Clinton, recently excoriated the “stupid” and “naïve” far-left wing of his party, saying he finds them “annoying and silly.”

While appearing on the September 24 podcast of Bill Maher’s “Club Random,” Carville told Maher that leftists are “the most stupid, naïve people you can imagine.” He said the left’s “goofy constructs” boil down to “feeling good about yourself.”

An outspoken critic of the far left, Bill Maher agreed, telling Carville that leftists are more concerned about protecting their feelings than protecting freedom of speech.

When Maher mocked leftists for believing that men can get pregnant, Carville observed that most normal people don’t know what leftists are talking about. However, Carville insisted that leftists aren’t evil, “they’re just goofy.”

He said affluent, “overeducated” white liberals on the coast are driving voters out of the Democrat Party by adopting the “woke” ideology. He suggested that the Democrat Party would be “a lot better off” if the “humanities faculty at Amherst” would “shut the f*ck up.”

During the podcast, Carville also suggested that running the 80-year-old Biden in 2024 would be a mistake for the Democrats, a sentiment Bill Maher shared.

Carville said Democrats “better wake the f*ck up” about the 2024 presidential race, telling Maher that if the 2024 election is a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Biden will lose.

Maher said Joe Biden might have been the only Democrat in 2020 who had a chance of defeating Trump, but now, he is the only Democrat who will lose to Trump. He said it is “not a good look” to run an 80-year-old candidate, particularly since any “not stupid woke Democrat” in his fifties would win.

Carville agreed, telling Maher that if the 2024 Democrat nominee was someone under 60, the Democrat would win with 55 percent of the vote.