Delta Airlines Issues Apology After Viral Video of Baggage Handler

World-famous Delta Airlines group has issued an apology to Eastern Tennesee University after a viral video circulated online of a Delta baggage handler employee recklessly tossing fragile and expensive luggage from the airliner that belonged to ETSU’s men’s golf team. The viral footage caused strong outrage from audiences.

In the viral video, which was taken from a window seat inside the plane on Wednesday, a baggage handler employee can be seen throwing luggage from the grounded plane with no care or compassion whatsoever, onto a tarmac transfer which was then carelessly placed onto a transfer truck by another fellow Delta employee. It was later revealed that the luggage belonged to the men’s golf team of ETSU, which contained many expensive golf clubs. The video sparked almost immediate outrage from viewers, especially Delta Airlines users.

The official social media account of ETSU reposted to video to X, formerly known as Twitter as well, spreading it to a wider audience. In regards to the footage of the Delta employee slamming golf club luggage onto the tarmac transfer to the transfer vehicle, ETSU stated that it was very nice of Delta Airlines to handle their expensive luggage with “such care”.

Following the quick and intense public backlash, Delta Airlines issued a statement to Time Magazine apologizing for the highly unprofessional act. Delta spokesperson Anthony Black stated that they apologized especially to the ETSU men’s golf team for how their equipment was handled. Black further stated that the company was in direct contact with the team’s higher-ups to make sure everything had been compensated for.

The unprofessional mishap comes during the National College Athletics Association competition season, in which the ETSU Buccaneers are competing in golfing. Delta assured the team would have the necessary items replaced to compete. ETSU, who are the Southern Conference Champions, are now headed to Carlsbad, California to compete in the NCAA championships after recently moving past the NCAA regionals.