Daycare Workers Sprinkled Melatonin in Kids’ Food, Cops Find

Charges have been filed against the proprietor and three employees of a daycare center in New Hampshire for allegedly adding melatonin to the children in their care.

Ten charges of endangering the welfare of a child were brought against daycare owner Sally Dreckmann, 52, and her workers Kaitlin Filardo (23), Traci Innie (51), and Jessica Foster (23), according to the Manchester Police Department.

According to the police, it operated as an unlicensed childcare facility, which is permissible under certain conditions according to New Hampshire state law.

According to authorities, the in-home daycare was secretly adding melatonin to the children’s meals without their parents’ knowledge or approval.  The administration of melatonin to minors without the parents’ knowledge or permission was first brought to the attention of the police in late 2018. Someone with intimate knowledge of the daycare facility provided the tip.

According to the police, several more tips were also received during the recent inquiry. On May 16th, the four individuals charged surrendered to law enforcement.

A spokesman for the Manchester Police Department, Heather Hamel, expressed great worry to local media about the administration of this over-the-counter sleep medicine to children without their parents’ knowledge or agreement.

The Mayo Clinic states that melatonin, a sleep aid, is often safe to take for short periods of time.

Melatonin is an important hormone that controls the body’s internal clock by making people feel drowsy when the sun sets. Melatonin supplements may aid with drowsiness, but they should be used with caution and under a doctor’s supervision.

Authorities were notified of harmful procedures at the daycare in November 2023, which prompted a protracted investigation that culminated in the charges.

No children were deemed to have needed medical treatment, according to the police.

Locals said they were unaware the house was operating as a daycare business.

Next month, all four of the accused are expected to make court appearances after being freed from custody.